Instructions for exhibitors


Showhall, Hukka-Halli, Väliköntie 4 A, 70700 KUOPIO.

Please check from the confirmation letter that your cat’s information is correct. If there are any errors or information has changed after the entry, contact show secretary soonest, preferably by e-mail:

Veterinary examination is required to all entering cats. Pedigree and vaccination certificates must be presented. On Saturday the examination takes place at 8:00-9.30 and on Sunday from 8:00-9:00. If your cat participates both days, please ask vet to sign for both days.

Vaccinations required: Feline Parvovirus and Cat Influenza. First rabies vaccination can be taken no later than 21 days before the importing date. Other vaccinations must be taken no later than 15 days before the show.

Importing to Finland: more info –

Declare your cats partaking at the vet examination, otherwise your cat will be marked as absent. Please notice that you must declare partaking on Sunday morning as well.

Show cages are organized in rows. Cat’s number must be placed on show cage and a person presenting a cat must wear the number whenever on judge’s ring.

Judging begins Saturday at 10:00 am and Sunday at 9:30 am. Kindly follow how judging proceeds and make sure you are well in time when it’s your turn.

Judges reports and diplomas can be picked up by the secretariat. Please inform the secretariat if your cat take a title AFTER the judging. No need to show copies of certificates before or at the show.

Panels will be “cage free” both days. There will be an area for gathering nominated cats close to panel area. Each nominated cat must be brought to area at latest during the prior class’s panel. Please inform the panel organizer and/or head steward when you bring nominated cats to area. Owners will hand out their nominated cats directly to stewards, and will then move to other side of panel area to wait their cats’ return. Few cages are available for nominated cats at gathering area. Please follow announcements and detailed instructions before panel.

On Saturday the show ends at 4.00 pm and on Sunday at 3.00 pm.

Please take care of general tidiness by keeping the cage clean and putting trash in the trash can.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Show Secretary:
Tiina Räsänen
puh. +358 45 643 4600
Show Manager:
Kaisa Savolainen,
puh. + 358 50 362 6260

See you in Kuopio!